noun: Slang term for a woman's vagina. Shortened form of vajaj. Rhymes with "badge."
Fucking Darla's loose-ass jaj was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.
by fauxbourdon December 03, 2005
Top Definition
shortened version of the korean word for the penis (Jaji / or Chachi).
Tino, don't be such a jaj. Tony, you're such a jaj.
by Greg July 02, 2004
just a joke.
I laughed at you, but it was JAJ! Please forgive me!
by soarece May 31, 2010
It's one of the most disgusting sandwiches ever created; consists of fried chicken (the recipe the colonel didn't use), cottage cheese (obviously a couple years old due to the mold and fungus growth), and alphabet soup (for those cold nights)
Christina: "Hey look...there's Andre'!"
Chelsea: "Yep...poor guy...he's stuck with that JAJ sandwich."
Christina: "I've heard about those...once you get one...the smell never goes away."
by Aquafeena November 15, 2009
Slang term for "Just a Jackass," similar to LOL, SMH, BTW, etc.
He made me feel like he was jaj.
by JAJ Creator's October 21, 2011
The mexican version of LoL
No mames guey!!! Jaj
by M@nster September 21, 2011
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