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Shoulder mounted wang on the South Park alien Jewzian thing
"O yah yah suck my jaggon!" Stan: I don't know what this is but I think it's really really wrong.

In Soviet Russia the jaggon sucks YOU
by 0niTTRay December 29, 2003
83 14
The sexual organ of a Jewgozian. Petruding from the shoulder.
"Oh my god I can't beleive you're sucking on my jaggon"
"Spencer you're a jaggon biter"
by Booby November 05, 2004
50 28
Octopus suction-cup looking male sex organs on the south park characters Jewziacks
"Suzen, suck meh JAGGON!"
"Man, she has good jaggon-sucking lips"

"Last night i got meh JAGGON sucked so hard, it turned shnarfily purple!"
by JAGGONEXPERT74 December 23, 2009
3 11
The male reproductive structure.
Suck my jaggon, bitch!
by Ryu Murphi May 04, 2004
9 25
A strange sexual device that sticks out the side of an alien's head.

See South Park.
"Oh, I can't believe you're sucking my jaggon!
by Spencer B. September 18, 2004
6 27
Bad name. A mix between jack off and hard on.
"Eat my asshole ya jaggon"
by Olive Pussy October 07, 2007
3 25