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1. A makeshift weapon made from a broken bottle or glass etc. although similar to shank, shank is usually used to refer to such weapons used in prisons, where as jaggies are used in bar fights.

2. to stab someone, or be stabbed, with a jaggie
1. "Dude, i was in a bar the other night, and some dickhead pulled a knife on me. i had no choice but to make a jaggie out of my bottle to defend myself."

2. "dude, that bitch just fucking jaggied me"
by captain drummy hands July 14, 2011
A low grade sexual deviant of the night who will shag with anyone at anytime in her rat hole apartment or in an alley way.
Hey guys look over there at the gas station and see that jaggie ballin the hobo.
by Rtc May 16, 2005

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