A guy named Jacob simply loves turtles. The animal, the band and especially turtle jelly sweets.

Jacob is also the most adorable person in existence.
Oh my, isn't Jacob just the most adorable with his turtle jelly sweets
by Bubbles351073 December 02, 2012
The bigges badass, coolest, most swaggy guy in the world
Not obama, he not a badass he is a smartass, a jacob is also refered to as a jacoby, the bitches love jacob
by Darkdude19 January 22, 2015
This guy is different, he's very intelligent and smart but lazy, he's the fruity guy in the bunch, he knows that some girls find him cute and he knows it,. He's very straitfoward, if you want to have a conversation with him YOU MUST START IT because if you say hi to Jacob he will only say hi back, but if you start a conversation he is either charming, or happily stupid. Known to be a bigot if talking about things he hates... Country music, Texas, illegal immigration, not forcing vaccines on new immigrants.----------
Person: Hi

Jacob: (low monotone voice) Hey.
by Jeansandhoodies February 12, 2015
Biggest dickhead that goes to your school. Talks shit behind your back, hates all girls, and gives people stinkeyes for no reason but because he doesn't have a life. Often tries to skip class and complains when he gets expelled from the class. Lies about not taking drugs are smoking because he thinks everyone in the school is a fucking idiot. The kind of kid that drinks behind the school and expects not to get caught.
Cute girl: "Hi Jake!"
Jacob: "Fuck off, you attention whore."
by RainingRaisins February 19, 2015
a male that does not often care of others feelings. usually nicknamed "dick" or "douche"
hurts others for his own enjoyment.

his poop is often the shape of a duck.
that man is so mean, must be a Jacob.
by blue jeans June 21, 2014
The Jacob is an odd creature. They stalk and they creep and they prey on the weak and the young. They tend to smother and trap their love intrests until they become sucidal. Usually pedophilic in nature they love the fresh faced sight of youth. The Jacob is not an intelligent creature and therefore flocks around stronger groups of males to protect himself. Jacobs' do not like bluntness and if you come into contact with one flee immediately. Though the love interest initially pities the young man, it becomes evident as the process continues that the Jacob is simply using his "vulnerability" as a complicated web, that once one gets tangled in, becomes increasingly difficult to release from. Be advised: in intimate occurances he may cause motion sickness, and in daily life, will cause nausea.
The love interest found herself drowning in Jacob's despair, and so took it upon herself to light the asshole on fire, only to discover that he had, in his undying love for her, consumed it, and continued to stalk towards his love.
by snoozingwhilelosing May 03, 2013
A crackhead who touches men in the genital area, who screams about Harry Potter while doing the dirty deed
"You know Jacob the crackhead who touches men?" "Yeah he giving that guy over there a blow job"
by Tyrone678 December 19, 2013

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