The bigges badass, coolest, most swaggy guy in the world
Not obama, he not a badass he is a smartass, a jacob is also refered to as a jacoby, the bitches love jacob
by Darkdude19 January 22, 2015
A guy named Jacob simply loves turtles. The animal, the band and especially turtle jelly sweets.

Jacob is also the most adorable person in existence.
Oh my, isn't Jacob just the most adorable with his turtle jelly sweets
by Bubbles351073 December 02, 2012
This guy is different, he's very intelligent and smart but lazy, he's the fruity guy in the bunch, he knows that some girls find him cute and he knows it,. He's very straitfoward, if you want to have a conversation with him YOU MUST START IT because if you say hi to Jacob he will only say hi back, but if you start a conversation he is either charming, or happily stupid. Known to be a bigot if talking about things he hates... Country music, Texas, illegal immigration, not forcing vaccines on new immigrants.----------
Person: Hi

Jacob: (low monotone voice) Hey.
by Jeansandhoodies February 12, 2015
A funny guy, decently smart but has a retarded side. Not bad with girls but can lose his tracks. Gives good advise, comforts anyone who needs it. Even if he's down himself. An average guy with good qualities
Jacob really helped me yesterday
by The official definer May 06, 2015
Jacob is a tall, brunette, blue eyed guy. Who is sweet when he needs to be and compassionate when you need him too. Never judges you for the way you look and valid your friendship very much. He's smart and funny, and know when to make you smile. His eyes are big and blue so you can lost in them. You never know what he's thinking, but he's hot and sexy.
Jacob is the guy I really like.
by sabrina_hi June 06, 2015
A male usually annoying and overly playful with a kind heart and good intentions looking for nothing but the best but seems to search in the wrong places
Gosh the guy we met yesterday was such a Jacob
by It's me 4 reals April 09, 2015
a piece of shit
You know Jacob?
Yeah hes a piece of shit
by Is it hi or hey? May 13, 2015

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