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*a veryyy hot,beautiful,perfect looking guy
*smooth with his words,so percise
*falls for girls hard but gets over them easily
*loves ACTION sports
*adored by girls
*not very much liked by X gfs
*guys get jealous of him easy
*has anger issues(high tempered)
A: whos ur bf
A: OMG u lucky bitch!!!
by born2ride June 13, 2009
A really cool person who can be very pleasing in every way possible. Uses the words "Love" and "Sweetie" all the time, but only because he is a Romantic.
Jacob: "Hello sweetie"
Person: "You must be a Jacob"
by KatiexKilljoy April 11, 2009
(noun, plural) Balls, testicles, nuts. A popular term in Cockney rhyming slang. Taken from Jacobs crackers, a cracker manufacturer, it rhymes with knackers, which is itself a popular British slang term for balls. Used to great effect by Brick Top in the Guy Ritchie film "Snatch."
If I throw a dog a bone, I don't want to know if it tastes good or not. And if you ever interrupt me whilst I'm walking, I'll cut your fucking jacobs off!
by Talmanes December 01, 2005
Someone who is mysterious and impossible to figure out. Just like a maze: once you get him, he changes. He is known to be a little fruity, but once you get to know him, you won't even notice. Although he's a little weird, he finds a way to get to be very important in your heart. He's great at sports and being sociable. He's definitely one you want to keep as a friend forever.
Guy: That guy acts a little weird...
Girl: That's just Jacob. Once you're friends with him, you hardly notice.
by MrHedgehogLove July 06, 2012
A guy with a extremely big penis and knows how to have a good time. A very sweet and hot down-to-earth guy. He treats girls with respect and with care and love. Any girl would want him.
"Did you see that guys dick? He must be Jacob!"
"That Jacob is so sweet!"
by tendra November 18, 2012
The act of squeezing your friends butt checks, in a loving and friendly manner. Similar to a goose but much less creepy and nothing to do any sort of upward motion.
Briana is so sweet. She loves to show her affection by giving us all some Jacobs.
by bnj12345 May 04, 2009
A demon-soul filled spawn of Satan who sprouts wings to fly and crawls up walls like a spider. He appears to have the body of a skeleton and can swallow kids whole. He eats a bowl of freshly ground kittens and testicles each morning for breakfast. When he gets home, he lights fires in his anal cavity, then burns his crotch and prays to his father, the Dark Lord. He then goes to his room and drinks the blood of his parents whom are chained up in his closet. Jacob rips off the flesh on his back so his bat-like wings can extend. He then pulls off the rest of his flesh to reveal a hairy demonic figure. He then flies around town snatching the souls of children and torturing people in his cellar to make sure their soul is good enough to eat.
The rabid Jacob lunged at the children and their chihuahuas. He ate the chihuahuas as an appetizer, then slit the kids' throats and drank the blood until they looked like deflated whoopee cushions. He then wore their skin as a coat, and ate every last bit of their body. He then grew stronger after he took their tortured souls.
by carpediem1234 October 22, 2013