A guy who is shy at first, but once you get to know him, is a friendly, funny, generous, and overall social person to you depending on your attitude towards him and others. Jacob is a dude who shines his brightest around those whom he considers a friend, as he tends to get confident when around them. Jacob is philosophical and wise even if he denies it due to his modesty. Jacob might be made fun of by some, but is something just barely short of an attraction towards reasonable and similar people who see the world like he does.
Random person: Hey there!
Jacob: Oh, hi...
Random person: Wanna hang out at lunch? I'm pretty bored and forward.
Jacob (With an obvious demeanor change): Sounds pretty cool. So, what's your name?
by Aguywhoknowsaguynamedjacob July 27, 2013
Sweetest guy on earth, makes you happy when you are sad, will hold you in his arms at tough times and when you are cold, funny, smart and out smarts a bunch of people, loving, smiles a lot, super romantic, flirty, can make you smile within a minute(unless you have no soul), great hugger, most honest guy you'll ever meet, and he is totally respectful to women.
Girl:"hes so sweet and romantic!!!"

Other girl:"he's definitely a Jacob!!!"
by Donttalktome October 26, 2013
The most amazing and perfect man on this planet. Kind, selfless, caring, and nurturing. Someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. Someone who loves unconditionally. Someone who will never let you down and will brighten even your darkest of days. A true gentleman with a pure heart and pure intentions. An unmistakably unforgettable person. A true blessing to all whose hearts are touched by such a perfect person. And someone that anybody would be lucky to know.
Jacob is a great guy
by JcmsBubba September 15, 2014
A man with a massive penis that is just wow I can't even explain how big it is. He is sexy,got a giant dick and has a giant penis. Oh and did I say he has a huge dick well he does. It towers above all men raining down on the unworthy my oh my that is great
''Wow look at that jacob''
''What even is that,I need it inside of me''
by Santaswagswag December 08, 2013
A demon-soul filled spawn of Satan who sprouts wings to fly and crawls up walls like a spider. He appears to have the body of a skeleton and can swallow kids whole. He eats a bowl of freshly ground kittens and testicles each morning for breakfast. When he gets home, he lights fires in his anal cavity, then burns his crotch and prays to his father, the Dark Lord. He then goes to his room and drinks the blood of his parents whom are chained up in his closet. Jacob rips off the flesh on his back so his bat-like wings can extend. He then pulls off the rest of his flesh to reveal a hairy demonic figure. He then flies around town snatching the souls of children and torturing people in his cellar to make sure their soul is good enough to eat.
The rabid Jacob lunged at the children and their chihuahuas. He ate the chihuahuas as an appetizer, then slit the kids' throats and drank the blood until they looked like deflated whoopee cushions. He then wore their skin as a coat, and ate every last bit of their body. He then grew stronger after he took their tortured souls.
by carpediem1234 October 22, 2013
Jacob is an amazing guy that will put you before anything.. He will stop the world for you.. He is The most attractive guy around and everyone seems to like him. He has so many friends and is just an overall amazing guy.. Perfect boyfriend material and knows how to treat a girl... Everyone loves him
Kelly: Hey Jacob!
Jacob: Hey! We should hang sometime!

* kelly dies of happiness*
by Sam:P October 13, 2014
Jacob, a very smart, handsome guy who has the best humor ever! He has brown hair and blue eyes and is short but its cute. He can make anyone smile and he makes people feel so amazing! He has the best personality to die for. He is a very chill person and can be lazy sometimes but he also plays sports. Football is hisfavourite. He loves tacos and big foot candy so if you get him some he will love you forever ;3 i can trust him with all my secrets and he is there supporting me and helping me all the time! Jacob overall is just the most amazing guy I have ever met and I would love to be able to call him mine sometime soon :)
Person: " Is that the Jacob you've been talking about?"

Me: "Yes. He's so amazing and perfect its unbelievable, he makes me feel so amazing!"
by Lsoccer07 January 24, 2014

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