A jacket potato filled with pot.
The party got real crazy when he busted out the jackpots.
by InsaneDolphin April 18, 2014
Having sex with three girls with an attractiveness of 7/10 each. The girls symbolize the appearance of a slot machine, 777, when you hit the jackpot.
After getting these three moderately attractive triplets drunk, I took them back to my apartment and hit the jackpot all night long.
by Bertt Nella March 19, 2011
A man stands over a woman and masturbates with a handful of quarters. He ejaculates on her face and simultaneously throws the handful of quarters at her while shouting "Ding ding ding! Jackpot!"
I met this guy last night and he totally gave me a jackpot. I went home with two bucks in quarters.
by pinkparka November 20, 2010
throwing up after consuming a large amount of alcohol
Dude, did i see you jackpot after the party last night?
by zackariaBassel February 15, 2010
A situation where after anal sex, the man has a small amount of feces on his penis.
Last night I hit the jack pot with Lorena.
by Alley2005 April 30, 2009
Jackpot is the abbreviation of jacket potato.

1. "I'd like a jackpot with cheese and beans."
2. "What are you gonna have for lunch?"
"Think I'll just grab a jackpot."
by CoGe March 28, 2009
Canadian prison slang for a big deal or event.
"Man DooDoogot himself hooked up in a jackpot with Cubby and now they're both doing 30 in the box."
by Jimmyjoe February 28, 2005

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