Canadian prison slang for a big deal or event.
"Man DooDoogot himself hooked up in a jackpot with Cubby and now they're both doing 30 in the box."
by Jimmyjoe February 28, 2005
When one is smoking a bowl of marijuana out of a piece and they suck so hard they get the whole bowl sucked into their mouth.
Oh dude! You just jackpotted huge! Thats neg props and you're haggard
by AlAx July 22, 2005
A cheezy catchphrase said by a drop-dead sexy half-demon in an epic game series called Devil May Cry. The fact that said character is smoking hot defeats the fact that the phrase is retarded..automatically making it accepted and funny. Dante and his elder twin brother say this at the ending of the third game during a cutscene in order to defeat the final boss.
Dante: "Remeber what we used to say?"
Dante & Vergil: "Jackpot!"
by Haruka-chan March 03, 2009
A woman with a whole lotta tits and ass, who ain't afraid of a sandwich. A cute fat girl.
Have you seen Renee Zellwegger lately? I saw her in that stupid British movie and she was all jackpot!
by Ima H. Omo January 10, 2004
An anal treat orally given by a sexual partner while the recipient masturbates/jacks himself to completion.
"Help me hit the jackpot babe"
by Andy Flores July 10, 2008
adverb-refers to the act of a lady going in to a sperm clinic and being impregnated with a random sperm sample. Then waiting 20 years to see how the child grows up, if their successful, jackpot.
it's not retarded, jackpot.
by ben November 16, 2003
Walking into a stall in the mans bathroom and finding a tied up teen
Jackpot !
by KawaiiAnime November 27, 2003

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