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when a man is having sex really fast like when jacking off hence jackhammer.
he was going so fast, he just kept jackhammering Me. it is not fun Having sex with him
by ooma90 December 13, 2007
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sex position that is as follows...
the girl is lying off the bed with her shoulders/neck on the ground and torso against the bed, she is required to hold her legs back as far and wide as possible so we can begin. You start by bending ur boner down so that you are able to stand with your legs wide and thrust in a downward motion into her pussy (like a jackhammer). you then increase speed and many will at this point adopt the superman stance. meaning you place a chair 1 to 2 feet beyond her head on the ground and grab the sides so you are parallel to the floor and are able to use your hip thrusters to pound away at the pussy. this develops great lats and abs, while also feeling great on ur downstairs. The Jack hammer
"after amanda thought she was creative with the reverse cowgirl, i decided to throw her off the bed and let the jackhammering begin on her pussy, i have never seen so many o faces at one time"

I jackhammered the shit out of that dime piece from nebraska
by swamppeople June 14, 2011
Fucking a broad with fast, rapid thrusts
Lisa needed a good old jack-hammering!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 28, 2009
A phrase mentioned in Rocko's Modern Life, an innuendo to sex.
"Wow, you are good at jackhammering!"
"Maybe I could teach you how to jackhammer."
"All right I'll just hop on."
by ThreeDeeGamerMan April 01, 2010
When having anal sex with a constipated woman, the man uses his erect penis to chip away the compacted fecal matter until full penetration is achieved, using a motion like that of a jackhammer.
Man, I gotta find a new girl. Everytime I go to fuck her in the ass, I spend half the night jack hammering!
by Mity J October 23, 2006
when you're fisting a girl in the vagina and anus at the same time. (i.e. like you're using a jackhammer)
JB: dude, where we're you last night?
Dani: jackhammering yer mam lol
Dani: i got in there right up to the elbows
by unquestioned_answers September 26, 2006
when you do someones mom wet style with some mayo and a crowbar and you put the juice in their ear
dude i put my jackhammering juice in your moms ear it was fucking awsome
by augdizl February 03, 2004

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