When some person tries to take stuff!
Boe:Hey Joe! Check out my sweet new Ipod. It's much better than that crappy piece of shiznit you have! Hahahahah-bitch!

Joe:Damn, that nigga lives in the ghetto! He jacked that Ipod.

(The next day, Boe is found dead in the woods. In an unrelated subject, Joe just got a new Ipod!)
by the fourth musketeer March 08, 2006
to take too much meth at one sitting and realizing you got some good dope
wow dude im fucking jacked....i cant go to work like this
by jgiddy99 December 03, 2004
A slang term that is often used to describe one's state when under the effects of Ecstasy
Yo, I popped three pills and now i'm so jacked... its unbelievable
by JKJKJKLOLOLOL! February 28, 2009
To get mugged
"I jacked that grunger last night init"
by Prince Pringle April 01, 2003
a person being so "juiced" and having massive muscles
also being so over-confident about youself you feel the need to "jack" yourself out by pushing out your chest
you're so jacked!!
by Jacked Bro October 05, 2010
Taken. Usually in a jacked up manner.
Before the Partwii, Lauren, the cyborg, bus surfed over to Mickey D’s with his brofriend Chuck Norris and bought a McGangbang happy meal with the funds that he jacked from his sugar momma after his disco nap that afternoon. Chuck pulled out his phone from his nuthuggers and started sexting a ginger slice with a tramp stamp that he had been friendly following ever since they shared a game of Jager pong. Lauren gave Chuck the air jerk as he noticed Tanasa the grade digger that sat next to him in his art class. Lauren gave her the “let’s just be friends” nod and grabbed his happy meal. As Lauren walked outside he saw, Bruce, the designated drunk, as he started wailing teenybopper show tunes. Bruce was manstrating again and wanted his fix of Dr. Pepper and Big league chew. The night of celebrating Lauren’s nomotion had barely even started and already he was knackered.
by Micron X February 24, 2010
Military - To be given a hard time/be yelled at from a superior rank for any deficiencies in your conduct/unifrom/etc.
Man, Private Smith got jacked by Sargeant Jackson today because his kit was out of order.
by ChuckA June 19, 2005

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