something raised up in the air
Mike's car was jacked up with hydros
by Sabertooth nigga November 30, 2004
stacked or really muscular
Did you see that guy? He's really jacked!
by bob June 03, 2002
1) to steal
2) to be exited
3) to have pumped muscles
4) past tense of jack off
1) yo, dude some fker jacked my car last nite and now i dont hav a ride
2) i'm so jacked for to drive frank's new ford gt
3) look at that guy, his muscles are totally jacked
4) i jacked off last nite watchin porn on the internet
by El padrino arriba November 03, 2009
extremely high on cocaine.
That's some mad coke. I'm jacked to the gills!
by Bentech January 05, 2005
"Why am I so jacked" is used by males who work out or/ and li heavy weights to describe their muscles , or ideas they have a great build.
(as Mason looks at himself in the mirror while flexing)
"Why am I so Jacked?"
His friends response is " that gym membership is paying off"
by Crissygirl March 07, 2012
1) ripped

2) stolen

3) loaded with money
1) Man that dude from the gym is totally jacked

2) Yo man! That freak just jacked my wallet!

3) That guy from the bank is jacked, did you see his car?
by k7k June 18, 2008
Having huge muscles (i.e. "jacks")
Greg: "Baby, you think I look swole today?"
Tabitha: "Hell yeah, sugar - you are JACKED!"
by Greg's Girl July 14, 2009

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