To rob or steal from someone. The term derives from John Dillinger's nickname: "The Jackrabbit". The term hi-jacked is also a derivative of this word.
Damn son, Yung Berg just got stole in the face and jacked for his chain. What a hoe.
by tmpen76 July 12, 2010
1. getting deprived, stolen, or when you mess up
2. an act boys like to do as a sex alternative.
1. "I just got jacked! Someone took my iPod!" or someone got an unfair trade "You got jacked!"
2. "I'm jackin' off."
by Kait16lyn March 08, 2008
Shortened form of Jacked up.
The book you're issued for math is missing it's cover and the pages are torn. You'd say "That's jacked."
by Sarah February 16, 2005
getting pick-pocketted, or getting something stolen
Person A: shit!, whered my hat go? Person B:dude, u got jacked!
by janice May 25, 2004
v. 1. To be messed up. Usually used with "up".
2. To get the short end of the proverbial stick.
I jacked up my hand playing baseball.

You only got 2/10 on that assignment? You got jacked!
by The Grammar Nazi December 09, 2001
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