Top Definition
someone who gives it up too fast or is easy
that girl is a fast ass
#fast #ass #slut #whore #easy
by anynomus person hahaha August 22, 2007
It means precocious. It does not necessarily mean whore or easy, as defined in the previous definition. It particularly applies to young girls
Oh, that child is just too grown. she is a (fast ass) little thing
#precocious #knowledgeable #mature #well informed #forward
by Ms M August 08, 2013
Term for men, of any sexual preference, who fuck to fast

Or indeed it could be used for a lady, wearing a strap-on and going for it in a fast manor.
"I walked into the room and saw Gary's fast ass pounding away on that fat chick from Friday night"
#fastass #fast-ass #fast #ass #like a rabbit
by djsaltynuts October 25, 2013
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