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Cunniligus. Oralsex performed on a woman. Tipping=licking & Velvet=Clitoris
Melissa likes to Tip the Velvet
by Margaret April 06, 2004
a beanie is usually woollen and it is worn by skaters and pople who are cold.
Jules: I'm cold
Champ: You douchebag you forgot your bloody beanie. Now you are gonna freeze to death
by margaret June 06, 2004
Hottest females alive
blonde hair and everything great
That scandinavian girl is fine!!
by Margaret May 18, 2004
the most awesome drink ever created
hey im going to the store

pick me up a vitamin water!!!
by margaret March 28, 2005
expression used when a douche bag says something untrue, unacceptable, or just plain stupid.
"are your titties real?"
"bitch please!"
by Margaret November 17, 2004
1. Telling someone that you go (went) to Harvard. Usually used in the phrase "to drop the h-bomb." It is a generally accepted principle of dropping the h-bomb that when a guy drops it, he instantly becomes more attractive, but when a girl drops it, she becomes less so. 2. Sex magazine at Harvard.
Mary was talking to a hot guy at the club the other night, but as soon as she dropped the h-bomb, he said he had to go.
by Margaret July 27, 2004
A combination of gigantic & enormous; shockingly big.
That monster burrito I had yesterday was Ginormus!
by Margaret July 17, 2003

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