Jck Sparrow is: Sexy,Drunk,Funny,Someone, who, if you pause the movie will be making a VERY strange face, Awkward, Neva knowing what hes gonna do!
Some things Jack Sparrow says:

"Cotton's parrot....same question"

"you need to find yourself a girl mate...or maybe the problem is you've found one but are incappable of wooing set strumpet. You're not a eunuch are you!?"

"the rum is gone!why is the rum gone?"
by ~Rikki~ June 20, 2006
While having intercourse, tie your pubes together with someone else making it look like jack sparrow's beard
i really loved having a jack sparrow
by hardcoresex April 01, 2009
While you're doing a wench from behind you take a swig if rum, then shove the bottle in her ass as you yell "Savvy!?"
Dude : I Jack Sparrowed my bitch last night.
Dude #2 : Yeah? How'd that go?
Dude : She wasn't savvy... so I robocopped her her and left.
by lolololololololololwtf February 22, 2008
jack sparrow is soooooooooo hot!!!! he is so smart, cool, hot, and hilarious! but he's also drunk, bad and dishonest, but who cares hey, hes hot!
i'm hot!
by jack sparrow lover December 12, 2003
The worst Pirate you've ever heard of ....but at least you've heard of him.
"Human hair. From me back."
by Cunien September 27, 2003
A guy is receiving oral sex from a girl, he then pulls out and ejaculates in her eye then he donkey punches her in the leg. This will create the effect of her having an eye patch and peg leg like a pirate.
After seeing Pirates of the Caribbean, my girlfriend and I went home and I gave her a Jack Sparrow.
by Captain Jack Sparrow Himself February 08, 2008
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