Jck Sparrow is: Sexy,Drunk,Funny,Someone, who, if you pause the movie will be making a VERY strange face, Awkward, Neva knowing what hes gonna do!
Some things Jack Sparrow says:

"Cotton's parrot....same question"

"you need to find yourself a girl mate...or maybe the problem is you've found one but are incappable of wooing set strumpet. You're not a eunuch are you!?"

"the rum is gone!why is the rum gone?"
by ~Rikki~ June 20, 2006
A fictional pirate from the adventure film "Pirates of the caribbean."
Portrayed by Johnny Depp.
Part of the inspiration for Jack sparrow, says Johnny, was Pepe le piu and Keith Richards. He has a saunter and a generally camp way of being.

The character of Jack sparrow is a rougish, dishonest man who's willing to do anything to get his way. His sole ambition in life is to get back "The black pearl" a ship he was captain of until a mutiny in which his older first mate took over the ship.
They marooned him on an island and left him to rot, lukily for Jack the island was a stop for rum smugglers. After spending three days on the beach drinking said rum he bartered passage off the island. He then made his way to Tortuga and met a young fishing girl called Anamaria. He also gained himself a reputation at the local brothel albeit a not very good one, at least not with Scarlet and Gisselle. Still I'm sure Jack was a very steady customer.
Eventually he stole Anamaria's boat "The jolly mon" and sailed to the neighboring Port royal. It was then his intention to commondere a ship, find himself a crew in Tortuge rape, pilage plunder and other wise pilfer his weasly black guts out.
This is the point where the film starts.
Jack sparrow is far more than has been written by drooling fan-girls.
He is a hilarious and colourfull character whom is worth far more than "He ish soooo hawt! *Drool*" posts.
"When you left me on that god forsaken spit of land you forgot one very important thing; I'm captain Jack sparrow!"
by billy bo bo August 10, 2005
the COOLEST pirate ever, good swordsman, adn always looks like he's had too much Rum
I have so many!
"But why has the Rum gone?!"
"but you're forgetting one VERY important thing mate, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow!"
"you need to get yourself a girl, mate"
"You will always remember this as the day you ALMOST caught Captain Jack Sparrow!"
by Pirate Kate "Sparrow" October 03, 2003
The best of all, the worst of all, a dumbass, a genius, the cheesiest, the funniest... In short terms, everything and the opposite!!
"He's the worst Pirate of the Caribean!!"
*5 min later*
"He's the best Pirate of the Caribean!!"
by Willoth November 23, 2003
WHERE DO I START?!! Evil but adorable...dishonest but reliable...dopey but smart...sleazy but charming...drunk but......no, just drunk ;)
"But why is the rum gone?"
"...so we're all men of our word, except Elizabeth, who is in fact, a woman..."
"Will, nice hat!"
by Anna December 09, 2003
A pirate who can melt women with a single glare from those heavily lined eyes. More specifically...Johnny Depp.
Heheheee...i was raped by Jack Sparrow and I enjoyed every minute of it!
by 'Drea Eleanora December 12, 2003
Johnny Depp at his finest...and thats saying alot. The character is timeless and one of the best created that I've ever seen.

Will: This is either madness, or brillance.
Jack: It's remarkable how often those two traits coinside.

Now as long as your just hanging there pay attention. The only rules that really matter are these...what a man can do, and what a man can't do.

Will: You ignored the rules of engagement, in a fair fight I'd kill you.
Jack: Then thats not much incentive for me to fight fair, now is it.
Jack Sparrow rocks my socks!
by Janet Lee July 09, 2006
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