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Tortuga describes a person who is very studious and cares a lot about grades and studying.
Originally derived from studious people who wear big backpacks as high up as possible, making them look like a turtle, tortuga has now come to describe any person who is exceptionally scholarly and hard-working.
Look at Corinna, she's in the library every Friday. What a tortuga!!

John would rather study that come play football. He's such a tortuga.
by Johan Sladikus October 13, 2005
a place that, in theory, doesn't exist-- you can only find it if you've been there before. nobody knows the exact location of it, or how to get there, unless somebody else knows the way. you can't ask for directions how to get there either.
person 1: hey, lets go to kyles house
person 2: i have no idea where it is, or how to get there
person 1: can we call him and get directions?
person 2: no, its like tortuga, nobody knows how to get there.
person 3: hey, ive been there once, i can lead the way.
by ka301243 April 06, 2011
The spanish word for turtle or tortoise. Used to describe someone that works/moves extremely slow.
Chef 1: "Look at this fucking clown work, he's slow as dirt"
Chef 2: "Fucking tortuga"
by ItsFlan May 13, 2013
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