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a person who thinks they're jamacain, but really are not at all. They always have a really bad accent.
A:Ay, mon, let's git dis partay started!
B:Shut your fucking mouth, u ja-fake-an
by Jesus January 08, 2005
(n.) A person who pretends to be jamaican. Usually slightly built, dreadlocks, talks unintelligible street slang and talks about babylon keeping a man down. Refers to himself as a yardie or similar. Always young and male.
Take off that stupid "adidihash" t-shirt you imbecile ja-fake-an.
by kung-fu jesus September 24, 2004
a little chavster who speaks in a fake jamaican accent
ra man! im from jamiaca innit. um... no
by prettyugly November 22, 2004
A rudeboy. Wigger indigeonus to London who is under the pretence of being of Jamacian descent. Will claim to have a relative in just about every organized crime network ever. Is actually just someone with retarded friends. Will die in poverty.
Ali G is jafakean
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
any white person with dreadlocks.
if you need to go to a salon and drop 200 bucks to get knotty hair; you're a ja-fake-an.
by talle April 16, 2006
(a)One who thinks or believes he or she is a person of jamaican descent but is not.
(b)One Who thinks he or she is Of Jamaican descent and adopts a (Suckass)Version Of a Rastafarian Accent.
(c) Mrs.Cleo! A Cheap,Lying,teror card reading,Bitch Who uses stereotyping and Common sense to (wooz) Her way to $4.99 A minute!
(d) Any white person with dreadlocks or braids.
(Fake Rastafarian)-A Mougn U whoot b wif u tadae?

(Real Rastafarian)Ey mon Woot za Fuk Are ju Saying Mon?STFU Ju shtoopit Ja-fake-an
Man A.Woah dog U heard of that lyin bitch Mrs. Cleo
Man B.Yea She Got me up to a $36.95 price For Common sense!
by Cracklist November 13, 2006
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