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Another word for yay
Dude: I peed in the pool
Dude 2: Whoot
by Katie March 11, 2005
an expression used for happiness or being joyful
whoot! i passed math for the 1st time! whoot!
by James September 03, 2003
My Aunt works for a orthopedic surgeon. One day a man called with complaints that air was coming out of his penis. So I made a joke about toots coming out of men's weiners. Developing the word "whoots" weiner toots!
Hey Doc. I have a bad case of the whoots!
by Kat Beaner April 05, 2016
1. an expression of joy and jubilation
2. congratulating someone.
2.*whoots for Jasper*
by Chaerlie February 16, 2005
(interj) an expression of giddy delight.
whoot whoot holla! my boy shaq gotz him some mad game up in here, yo!
by anonymous June 09, 2004
white honkeys out of troub-o
i dunno some black dudes said it to some wigger after they almost kicked his ass, mut then didnt.
by natebrown November 30, 2003
An interjection of happiness commonly used by dorks who have spent far too much time downloading online movies.
Mom bought us more Fago! Whoot!
by Maverick9614 June 26, 2005
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