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Before consumating a sexual act a person defined as an Izzy would say certain things like "Scuse me while I whip this out" and "That's what she said" and "Papa Cock" to see if his/her partner would be turned on. In the abscence of desire they would then do an amazingly complicated - for some people - mating dance that looked like a more fun hip version of getting your ass spanked. If that also failed they would then do the "Shake Your Finger Dance" and when no results came from that then they would read embarassing lesbian erotica and then question the meaning of a Labia therefore killing the sexual mood of the erotic literature. In the very last attempt of "getting it on" they would tell their partner that they "Don't like it when you talk, because that means you're not sucking my cock" In the end no sex will be had by anyone and the person defined as an Izzy would go home and take off their pants and sit and read a romance novel and talk about hot Walmart Guy with her best friend who also happens to be a complete loser.
"Oh man, I became an Izzy last night! I was singing 'What's Your Fantasy' to one of my friends and then she chimed in! Never felt like more of a loser or Fuckface."
1. To lose one's erection in response to seeing another man masturbating; hence, ending the wild jungle dance.

2. To become flaccid while getting dick wet.

3. Failure to maintain a boner during sex; specifically because of mental, audio or visual disturbances.
I caused a total Izzy last night. I was jacking off while Israel poned Jen and he lost his night horse. Sorry about that, but at least I got off.

Dude, don't drink too much, or you might izzy.
by harrymellawrence May 02, 2007
A term for heroine, created in the neighborhood of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Short for Izzy Stradlin, the guitarist from Guns 'n Roses who was a well known heroine addict.
Yo dude, you got that izzy?
by niceace May 04, 2007
A duplicitous person, especially one who claims to be a heroic figure, but who later proves to be a coward and a hypocrite at the first sign of trouble.

A person who will sell out friends and family to avoid dealing with his or her own personal demons.

From Sp. 'izquierda'; left-handed, sinister.

See also Dwarf Jesus.
Judas? Brutus? Arnold? I'd trust any of them before I'd trust an Izzy.
by Wodn May 04, 2009
a bin woman. not a woman that empties bins but a woman that has been thrown into a bin or has fallen into a bin.
"she was so drunk last night she went to put her cans in the bin and turned into a complete izzy"
by donutface November 30, 2007
Shes such a goose filled wrinkly pimple faced bulls face's vomit weener bag burger with extra garlic assburnt sandwich with a fucking tampon soaked roll at hiroshimas bombing site made with no love cause its a dildo coloured piss flavoured vagatarian beastality sucking and fucking transvestite wearing horrible fashions who is a son of a motherless goat with an ass and nose the size of jupiter.
OMG that girl is SUCH an Izzy.
A woman who is very man like and is very violent towards people that she has never met before.
"omg your such an izzy ! "
by GayLarry October 01, 2009
A total bitch. Someone who treats her friends like shit. She will dye her hair ugly colors and think she is all bad. She will have sex with your boyfriend and than make your life a living hell.
For example, "That girl is such an Izzy." "I know right, she is such a bitch"
by randombutterflies January 29, 2011