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When a person has smoked lots of marihuana, and reached such a high state that he won't react to others anymore.
guy 1: whats wrong with that dude, is he KO?
guy 2: no leave him man, he's just iwi.
by anon66666666666 February 04, 2010
He is a f2p based pure tho wilderness is dead. He is a member of the runescape clan "The Hatred" where everyone trys to make him get 60atk,20def and 43prayer so he could be a good tank and thinks he is a noob war material but accualy he owns everyone cuz he isnt like all the def noobs in the clan...
Y0ur D3m1se: Iwis noob you cant come to this mini go train
by Iwis January 28, 2008
when something is icki.... disgusting..... in a welsh accent!!
god guys stop smooching!! iwi!!!!

person 1: look at this
person 2: that is so iwi!
by hellz angel March 07, 2008
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