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I want you.

or, more annoyingly, "i wuv you"
Dude: damn iwy sooo badd.

Chick: aw, iwy tooooo!
by killakyraskeetskeet June 26, 2010
A word that makes black people mad for some reason.
Me: Herb.

Black Person: Don't fuckin say that in front of me bro.
by killakyraskeetskeet July 28, 2010
Another word for yep.
Originally formed from elongating yep (like yeeeep), yeep is better if you're feeling particularly happy or cheerful.
Kyra: Are you gonna give me that hat today, Gavin?

Gavin: Yeep, let me just disenfect it first :D
by killakyraskeetskeet July 20, 2010
Conforming to every style (i.e., prep, goth, emo, scene, nerd), so that there basically is no style in a persons wardrobe.
Chick #1: Um, like, why does that one girl change her style like, every day?

Chick #2: Dude, I know right? I think she says its called being panformist...

Chick #1: Oh. Freak.
by killakyraskeetskeet June 26, 2010
A quicker way to say "fucking."
Omfg, my boyfriend is fxn pissing me the fuck off!!DX
by killakyraskeetskeet June 13, 2010
Falling down the stairs laughing.
A more hipper, cooler texting acronym than, let's say, rotfl or lmao.
Also used to describe more laugh worthy situations.
Fdtsl! Did u see wht Tommy did today at school?? Dude, he fxn made this chick cryyyy!xDD
by killakyraskeetskeet June 13, 2010
The noise a monster cat makes.
Monster Cat: MWOAAAAR! Mwoar.

Random Japanese Person: AAAH! Monster cat on loose!
by killakyraskeetskeet June 26, 2010

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