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a couple; someone who is perceived as belonging to their partner
Mr Mac and Miss Cheese are an item.
by tania January 12, 2005
270 32
pair of poeple, commonly seen as dating, or about to date.
So, are you and Amanda an item?
by Argo1000 February 22, 2005
238 58
Items; private places
Ray: Dude don't touch my items!
Charles: SORRY! It was an accident
by D's Mom December 07, 2006
10 7
A thing.

It means nothing more.
That hat is an item.
by The Chibo January 15, 2009
42 50
A nickname - usually for the female genitalia, less often for the male member.
Rosie: I hate the beach - I always end up with sand in my item!

Sugar: I know right ? And when I skydive, the straps get all up in my item.

Frankie : These tight-ass new jeans really showcase my item for the ladies.
by TrudyS August 07, 2010
16 32
contraband, most often, drugs.
where is the item?

they got caught with the item.
by carfunkylou September 15, 2009
6 38
a really hot looking babe... a sultry siren if u must!
kya item hai bawa!!!!!
by vinay September 16, 2003
43 153