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6 definitions by tania

a couple; someone who is perceived as belonging to their partner
Mr Mac and Miss Cheese are an item.
by tania January 12, 2005
271 32
A kind of yobbo guy. Flanelette shirts, beer belly, mullet haircut, cruising the streets with their windows down. Very Australian.
A guy about 30 is a construction worker and he has his mates over to watch the footy (lots of mullet haircuts.)
Here's your chance to say, "Urgh, ya bogans!"
by Tania January 21, 2003
75 33
Choosing a better quality product/service vs. choosing more of that product/service with less quality
I would rather buy one diamond ring than 1000 cheap metal rings
by Tania December 09, 2003
38 15
a cock, strudel, penis, shaft, meat and two veg, etc a description of the appendage between a males legs
"hey sweety, you wanna see my tallywhacker?"

"princess, how good would a mouthful of tallywhacker be?"

"bend over! here comes the tallywhacker"
by tania January 26, 2004
183 165
Hot n supa sxc

Lead singer of BEST BAND EVER

wicked in concert

Billie joe armstrong = HoTTeSt mAn ALIVE
by TaNiA March 17, 2005
30 36
basambasa lagi puki ko kasi malibog ako.
by tania October 03, 2003
14 22