An iTard is someone that bought a Mac thinking that it would be easier to use than a PC. The problem is, the PC is not too difficult to use, the user is just too dumb to own a computer.
iTard: I just got my new iMac and it won't come on.
Tech: Did you press the power button?
iTard: Yes.
Tech: What happens when you press it?
iTard: Nothing happens. The screen stays black.
Tech: Did you plug the power cord into the wall?
iTard: Plug the what in where?
by C@pt October 29, 2008
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one who thrashes their head like a retard while listening to shitty music on their iPod in an attempt to move with the rhythm causing slight trauma to the brain, which eventually lead to brain damage.
That stupid fucker on the bus turned up his ipod and started behaving like an itard.
by iTard Nano April 16, 2010
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A term used to describe the late Generation y and current Gen Z kids that live in an over-simplified on-demand world of instant material, emotional and general gratification.

The oversimplification of tasks is especially relevent to what is normally something very complicated.

iTards do not have the ability to think for themselves, exhibit no problem solving skills and are unable to do anything unless it involves pressing a single large glassy button.

Google is far too complicated for the average iTard, they would rather just ask someone to find something for them.
Two computer musicians, one of them is an iTard.

The normal person uses whatever software necessary to compose a song, they may spend hours or days going over the minutia to get it just right.

an iTard is unable to compose music unless they get a cracked copy of "SuperInstantMusicMaster" from their iTard friends. This, ideally, would be a software consisting of a single button that when pressed would automatically compose and save a top-10 triple platinum song for them.
by LJCoffee April 18, 2006
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Someone who uses their i-Pod during social outings, often isolating him or herself from a group of friends by listening to music and/or using apps and igoring conversation or his or her companions completely.
Person 1: Ryan was such an i-Tard last night!
Person 2: Yeah,I know! He didnt say one word the whole night, all he did was play doodle jump.
by willc333 March 14, 2010
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Someone who doesn't know a thing about computers/technology, more specifically Macs/Ipods. Sometimes, even though they clearly don't, they'll continue to lie about their intelligence using a computer. See alternate definitions of e-tard.
1. Jim just said he's upgrading to a 32MB hard drive so he can "play games better." What an i-tard.

2. Dude, Jason just asked what the difference was between Y2K and MP3, because he's getting an Ipod today. Spoiled ass i-tard.
by mr derp January 27, 2006
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Someone who does nothing but listen to their ipod 24/7. And tunes everyone out
Ryan is an i-tard
by LittleRaisin December 28, 2006
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i-tard: A person blindly following advertisements, commonly called a hipster, tends to shop at target over walmart, believes mac products are superior to any PC product, and mainly uses said mac computer to update facebook and twitter accounts.

i-tard "experts" are people that consistently use an apple product to run computing intensive programs. To do this, they justify a multi-thousand dollar mac, and proceed to download Windows in order to run real-life and relevant programs.

i-tard "trolls" are mac junkies. This flavor of i-tard does not stop thinking (or typing) about their apple product, to the extent that they will consistently post on blogs, or online forums. This is one of the most useful things a mac can do. I-tard trolls are online bullies, and they will let you know that PC's are for republicans.

(v) example: That i-tard sure loves to hang out in Starbucks while trolling around the PC online help forums.

i-tard "justified". A person using a mac solely for the purpose of picture and or video editing, and nothing else. These people generally own a business, and purchase a PC to run the accounting, and other real-world software.
That i-tard sure loves drinking his Starbucks while shopping at Target for skinny jeans.
by highballxs December 25, 2012
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