1. Yuppie losers who buy & use all the latest Apple crap, like iPhone, iPod, iPad, ad infinitum ad nauseum.

2. The Apple 'experts' working in the Apple Stores
1. Proof of the Dumbing Down of America: all the iTards wandering through life plugged into the latest crap made by Apple

2. When I'm bored I like to go into the iStore and ask the iTards impossible questions like, "How long before this iPhone IV is obsolete?"
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada July 12, 2011
An iPad without Flash is an iTard.
I can't see my website on this iTard, it's built in Flash.
by Mike Hartley April 12, 2010
Someone who does not possess the necessary skills to use any of Apple's easy to use technological devices....
"Hey how do I use this Ipad, Ipod, Mac?" Geo asked.......
"Turn it on first, you I-Tard....press the button........", responded Jay, in an impatient tone of voice.
by quills1313 August 09, 2013
someone who doesn't know how to use the computer
Brody needs his little brothers help to get on limewire what an i-tard
by Jesus 001 May 20, 2009
someone who can't work an i-pod (or any other electronic device)
Cindy is such an i-tard that she can't even turn on a radio.
by wooberry March 29, 2010
an incompetent iPhone owner that relies on more experienced users to effectively utilize their pocket pc
Look at that iTard that has to hand his iPhone to his wife or brother to perform any operations.
by Shzae March 13, 2010
One who retards their senses through the use of information technology( ipods, laptops etc.) inadvetertantly causing harm to themselves or others.

Bill: wtf , some dumb Itard just knocked me off the sidewalk.

Itard: Did I just hit something (keeps listening to dumb emo music)?
by itard hater February 06, 2008
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