A generic explaination for why someone is being bitchy. Generally refers to having anger management issues.
I seriously think she has issues or something. Explains why she's such a bitch.
by M.E.R.E.D.I.T.H!! June 17, 2007
Type One Issue: That component of a your character that is screwed up due to a previous relationship.
Type Two Issue: That component of a your character which will be screwed up due to your current relationship.
Type Three Issue: What your current boyfriend or girlfriend has when your Type One Issue gets in the way of their attempts to give you a Type Two Issue.
Example: Any furious domestic argument; see your own life for examples. You probably have issues about it.
by Seeker6079 January 21, 2006
a hypodermic syringe full of the user's drug of choice.
I feel like doing a big issue right now.

Traci and Kim were sitting there, doing their issues.
by bagwhore July 10, 2008
substitute problems for people who have no real life worries.

problems that would not exist if the "issuee" would only stop thinking about them, unlike authentic problems such as hunger, disease, poverty etc.
1: i need an excuse to listen to anti-conformist music
2: why?
1: so i can be cool
2: *SLAPS!!*

1: i cut myself...
2: why?!
1: it's my "self abusive coping strategy"
by skunky December 26, 2004
Social 'issues' that a 'battler' labours under...
BOD has more issues than the N.Y. Times
by Slammer September 01, 2003
A offensive slang term describing a mixed-blood American Indian person in North Carolina and Virginia, dating back to the dated designation of "Persons of Free Issue" on birth certificates and census data before slavery had ended.
You know them issues up in _____ county?
by redbandit2 July 27, 2010
a rift between friends, usually involving a question of whether in fact there even is an issUe. This has 2 simple ways of confirming or denying, sUm or nUn respectively.
fUngus: Do we have an issUe here brUce?
brUce: nUn.
by Gavinski August 05, 2010
Particularly popular amongst teens, especially teenage males who are not emotionally happy for no particular reason. What you would have if you find yourself listening to Linkin Park or Korn constantly.

Have issue>listen to that shit>leads to more of issues>listen to more of that shit
Man, that kid's got issues! That's the fifty second time he's listened to Hybrid Theory since this morning!
by Peezee-Ark October 05, 2003

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