3 definitions by skunky

used by confused individuals with a poor grasp of written english.
person1:"i could care less"
person2:"my brain isn't melting"
by skunky December 26, 2004
After judging the local chili cookoff, my mudcutter burned for days.
by skunky June 16, 2004
substitute problems for people who have no real life worries.

problems that would not exist if the "issuee" would only stop thinking about them, unlike authentic problems such as hunger, disease, poverty etc.
1: i need an excuse to listen to anti-conformist music
2: why?
1: so i can be cool
2: *SLAPS!!*

1: i cut myself...
2: why?!
1: it's my "self abusive coping strategy"
by skunky December 26, 2004

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