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Persian doesn't just refer to people from Iran, it refers to anyone who was a part of the great Persian Empire. All that is left of the empire nowadays is Iran, that is why people from Iran are mostly referred to as Persians.

Persians are not white. I don't think half the people who are defining "Persian" here have ever seen a Persian before in their life. Persians' skin colors range from olive to brown and their hair is brown and black. Eyes are usually brown or black, but hazel is common too. The notion that Persians have white skin and blue eyes stems from the Nazis trying to link themselves to Aryans (who were originally Iranian). However, Germans are not Aryan in any way. The Nazis were stupid, what can I say?
Persians are beautiful people with a beautiful culture.
by afshin January 09, 2006
People from the country of Iran, located in the Middle East and bordered by countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Iranians sometimes refer to themselves as Persians even though the Shah changed the name of the country from Persia to Iran in the 1930s.

Iranians have brown or black hair, they have brown, black or hazel eyes and skin complexion varies from olive to brown.

Iranians culture is beautiful.
by afshin January 10, 2006
What you call someone from Iran. It's not "I-ranian", it's "Irooni".

Irooni's aren't ALL Persians, like most people like to think. People from Iran can be either (or a mix of): Persian, Kurdish, Azeri, Baloch, Gilaki, Mazandarani, Lur, Arab, Turkmen and many many other cultures.

Iroonis can be diverse, but they all love their Iranian Nationality.
Iran is a beautiful country with beautiful people, it's a shame that most Westerners are brainwashed by the media and have a distorted view of Iran and Iroonis.
by afshin January 23, 2006

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