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1. (noun, botanical) A growth process whereby a plant sheath or stem segment grows back on itself, essentially turning itself inside out.

2. (noun, CIA/FBI/NSA) An interrogation process whereby a suspect is bent back on himself or herself, essentially turning them inside out.

3. (noun) An intercourse process whereby a body part or prop (e.g., vibrator, cell phone, TV remote, etc) is placed into the vagina.

4. (cartographical) On Olde Worlde Mappes by Iohn Speede, c. 1626, this term meant "having taken one's leave to abscond to Amazonia". Literally "within a country of vaginas".
1. David Attenborough: "But once the fly trap is fed a piece of meat, time-lapse photography demonstrates a dramatic change in growth. By the third invagination, the Venus fly trap has already offered up two new leaves."

2. John Ashcroft: "But once the Eye-rackie is tied to the rack, time-lapse photography demonstrates a dramatic change in growth. By the third invagination, the Taliban suspect has already offered up three new accomplices. Even better, by the fourth invagination, he was no longer able to speak or make any noise at all. A good day's work for the NSA."

3. HMB: "Dude, your aunt is really starting to freak me out. Last time we made out, she suggested invagination, and I agreed. But she made me wrap a brick in cellophane and stick it up her pussy. You don't pay me enough for this sort of crap. I'm going back to Taco Bell."

4. When the American troops arrived in Hanoi to reinforce the ARVN troops there, they quickly learned the skills to stay alive, including camouflage, mine detection, and most importantly, avoiding the major fighting from the vantage point of an observatory invagination - often in groups.
by HMB February 08, 2004
Having flash backs of a recently viewed va-jay-jay (vagina), then having these flash backs pop up in your mind randomly through out the day.
While I spoke to Jane, I was having invaginations of Kelly and It made me lose my train of thought.
by Childishumor January 23, 2011
an incredible image thought up by virgins who have never seen a naked girl . Often thought up by biology professors and teachers pets.
Virgin: Man i had such a sick invagination last night
Me: get laid noob
by xbldrfta69 October 20, 2010
(v)the act of becoming a pussy, turning into a pussy due to one's pussy-like actions (quitting, betrayal, selfishness, dishonesty), or by associating with other pussies
vage;(n) one who is in the process of invagination
You hear about tony? He has invagination parties every Friday and Saturday night with a bunch of other pussies... What a vage.
by Elanzo February 24, 2008
Verb: When normal porn doesn't work for you and you start to get creative with your mind while masturbating
Dudes ramming Chicks just doesn't cut it anymore so now I have to use my invagination. My new thing is Harpies getting fucked by Robotic Chimps.
by Suicidal French Fry December 07, 2010
Invasion of the vagina with a penis or reasonable facsimile
Troy planned his night with his new girlfriend carefully...right down to the candles,wine,soft music and the newly purchased tub of Astroglide for the invagination that he was sure was gonna happen. Unfortunately his girlfriend got too close to the candles and popped before he could even get the wine poured.
by Caseanne October 06, 2010
Like imagination except dedicated exclusively to thinking about sweet sweet pussy.
Peter told me he was bored with physics class so I told him to use his invagination to make it more interesting.
by Hairyguy December 04, 2007

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