Trying to text a message while totally intoxicated. Or TUI-texting under the influence.
example: woman trying to text friend to pick her up as she is intexticated after imbibing large quantites of ETOH

Can u flocs get me 1/2vhour 93 2 pz
PL (. God ce ne pic menup at 13 poop.
Fyked up??????helpp
by cinlou December 19, 2010
distracted by texting on a cellphone, especially when one is driving a motor vehicle
He was intexticated in the worst possible place.
by The Return of Light Joker July 24, 2011
people that text and drive in a daze and arn't paying attention to driving

Has a new word for people that text and drive
I'm wondering if there going to come up with a device to determine if your in Intexticated or not while driving ???????
by RowdyRebel November 17, 2009
The art of text messaging while intoxicated, usually at bars or parties.
Dude, sorry what I said last night, but I was really intexticated.
by Eric66 December 02, 2007

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