2 definitions by bubastis

Derives from "insensible."

When someone pulls out their cell phone and completely ignores you while you're talking.
Todd: "I have a truly heartwarming story for you, Drew. I was saving small children from a massive wreck on highway I sixty-four and-"

Drew: "Hold on. This fruit gusher had more filling in it than usual. Let me text Kate and tell her."

Todd: "What an intextible son of a bitch!"
by bubastis March 06, 2010
when you shake your dick to remove any waterlogged urine remaining on the tip of your penis after taking a piss/shit.
Ryland - "You almost done taking a piss yet?"
Andres - "Hold on, gotta give it a quick dickwag so I don't get any piss down my leg."
by bubastis May 02, 2009

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