an alternative term, or synonym for the word 'internet'.

it is derived from an amalgamation of the words 'internet' and 'world wide web'
i love surfing the interweb!
by DaveZeroZero May 18, 2007
A term used to describe a large scale network connection.

FIRST coined in the Sci-Fi series "Babylon 5"

Episode name: "Eyes"
Season 1 : Ep. 16
Between time 14:36 to 14:57
Chief of Security: "while thats working, load in a web program"

Computer: "peramiters"

Chief of Security: "all info on Colonel Ari Ben Zayn, earth force internal and Mr Harriman Gray Psi Corps military specialist. The usual sources. Code all responses Gold-2"

Computer: "Acknowledged, Commencing interweb link"
by MitsMits February 07, 2010
A dumb ass way of referencing the internet.
Dave "whats up"
Gdubya - "not much just chillin on the interwebs"
Dave - "there is more than one?"
Gdubya - "... huh?"
by The0utkazt February 17, 2012
1.Term used by middle aged people, or 'elderlies' who don't know anything about computers.
2.A much cooler way of saying 'internet'.
"You younguns' with your fancy MTV, and your interweb *shake cane*"
"Jah, I'm so tired! I spent all night chatting to some gal on the interweb!
by Sveet Steve. Katie September 18, 2007
a device used for looking at pr0n and paying your taxes.
i'm hitting a dry spell. I need some of that interwebz
by john h February 18, 2006
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