A mixture of slang terms... More recently made popular by an engineer names Leon during a conference call with a client. This is what sparked debate on knowledge and power with the alliance of what is now known as the Company
You can find it on the ugh... Interwebs
by Professor -=X=- November 10, 2010
By definition the Interweb is a international web of telephone wire and network connections. When connected via a computer or other device, the user can obtain information from almost any part of the world and almost any information is available. Certain "Web-sites" allows users to submit information about anything which then allows any other user to access this information.
A) I wanna buy a used car -where should I look for it?
B) I suggest you search for it on the Interweb.
by Teit Andersen October 11, 2006
Corruption of the term "Internet" from the internet hate machine.
Lulz, on my interwebs?!
by BeardHat February 04, 2008
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