The Inner lining inside of your swim trunks which helps keep your ballsack warm and dry. You "Log" onto your internet by urinating inside of your trunks in fear.
Marge: How are the kids going to get home?
Homer: I dunno. Internet?
by G-Union July 07, 2003
The inner-netting of swimwear
"I think I just logged on to my internet" -Carl from the Simpsons after being scared
by aybab2 June 15, 2003
AKA: Teenager's life.

Filled with things like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, PornHub, Rule34, XHamster etc.
The internet is a great educational resources for finding out how really horny people have sex.
by HEADS GROW BACK May 18, 2016
"Internets" is an expression, written in September 1999 inside of the 'Metro' newspaper (published in Czech Republic), by Věra Pohlová. She said "Tyhle aféry každého jenom otravují. Já bych všechny ty internety a počítače zakázala." ("These affair only bother everyone. I would disallow all those internets and computers.") as an opinion on an affair, about leaking private data from the 'Česká spořitelna' bank trough an internet.
I would disallow all those internets!

I would disallow all those <fill in anything!>
#internet #disallow #věra pohlová #metro #leak #affair
by Batrachus August 21, 2011
1.An entity consisting of over 9000 million servers connected with one another. Its purpose is to host and distribute information and to make communication easier.

2.Serious business
The internet is serious fucking business! Don't forget it, bitch!
#the internet #serious business #4chan #computer #/b/
by PresidentMudkip July 14, 2011
Internet is for POOL!!
B says... ¿Isn't internet for porn?
D answers... Nope, internet is for POOL!

#porn #pool #internet #billirds #games #online #is #for #web #anthem #truth
by berushka April 16, 2009
the most addicting piece of shit EVER. fucks up your grades, as well. everything else you once loved to do means absolutely nothing anymore.
the internet has turned me in to a pissed off, socially retarded, bitch.
#internet #socially retarded #addicting #stupid #antisocial
by l33v March 01, 2008
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