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fictitious proper noun;

:used as slang for "Internet"
:"Internet" being - connecting nerds

commonly has a TradeMark symbol following it


:a person who is deemed to be on the Internet too much
:or, takes the Internet too seriously for the likes of others
proper noun;
"I spent all night browsing the Internerd."

"He was on the computer all night. He's such an Internerd."
by Black Betty, bam-a-lam! January 26, 2004
36 18
Someone who talks more online than off, and has an easier time expressing his/herself online than in face to face talking. Probably spends around 2-6 hours on AIM each day, more if it's a weekend or a day without school.

Most InterNerds have many friends whom they met online, and perhaps know more people online than they do in real life. It's not uncommon for an InterNerd to have met their best friend online, but never in real life. They also may have met one or several of their intenet friends in real life.
A: Dude, you are such an InterNerd, do you even know what XYz317 looks like in real life?
B: No...but I know that he's a real nice guy, and his favorite movie is StarWars!


I spend so much time on the computer, I think I'm starting to turn into an InterNerd....
by CrutchysGoil November 05, 2005
8 5
An enthusiast of any subject, who shares their knowledge on the internet, via blogs, forums, websites, chat rooms, youtube videos...etc.

Knowledgeable people on the internet.
I recently decided to take up cooking, and after discussing it with some internerds I worked out a plan and I'm starting next week.
by mal808 January 24, 2013
2 0
v. intr.
1. to graze avidly upon the offerings of the Internet, especially as a pastime.
Simone: What are you doing up so late?
Shane: Just internerding.
by modustype March 06, 2008
7 5
A person who spends a lot of time on the internet, is fluent in 1337 speak, or who uses 1337 speak in real life.
Damn, I was talking to this guy last night, and he was saying stuff like pwn, noob, uber... he was a total internerd.
by K-meister January 23, 2007
3 2
A fan/follower/obsessive monkey of Tina Fey, most of the time one who also devotes time to blogging, posting on message boards, etc., about Tina Fey, 30 Rock, Star Wars, or anything else Tina Fey-related.

The word was first used with this definition by Tina Fey herself.
"We always have a lot of guest stars, but we just happen to have a lot of very famous ones this year. I knew it would make the Internerds upset, but they have to just be patient. It's still the same show. We only ever have people who are really good at what they do, and we try to incorporate them into plots." - Tina Fey, Entertainer of the Year interview, Entertainment Weekly, November 14th, 2008.
by Leila J February 07, 2009
3 5