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Great Tooth and Nail Indie/Post Hardcore/Rock band. Goes great with showbread Composed of Philidalphia residents, Aaron, Mike, Dan, Rick, and Chris. Also a movie that I do not care to talk about.
I listened to mewithoutyou today, their music kills.
by CrutchysGoil March 13, 2005
Character in the movie Newsies played by Marty Belafsky. His right leg is gimp so he uses a crutch. Dances around and sings with his crutch.
Crutchy beat the Delancys over the head with a stick.
by CrutchysGoil March 13, 2005
Someone who talks more online than off, and has an easier time expressing his/herself online than in face to face talking. Probably spends around 2-6 hours on AIM each day, more if it's a weekend or a day without school.

Most InterNerds have many friends whom they met online, and perhaps know more people online than they do in real life. It's not uncommon for an InterNerd to have met their best friend online, but never in real life. They also may have met one or several of their intenet friends in real life.
A: Dude, you are such an InterNerd, do you even know what XYz317 looks like in real life?
B: No...but I know that he's a real nice guy, and his favorite movie is StarWars!


I spend so much time on the computer, I think I'm starting to turn into an InterNerd....
by CrutchysGoil November 05, 2005
A wicked cool radio show like thing on Myspace. Contains comical audio skits written and preformed by Chris S. Sketches include "Beano to the Max", "Skittles Selling Terrorists" and (coming soon) "Caught By Steve". Most of the sketches are parodys of popular items, and are slightly crude sometimes, so these are not for the weak of heart. Though if you need a good laugh, I reccomend listening.
Can be found at
Man! I laughed so hard at the newest ahdio comedy sketch that my parents came into my room to ask what was wrong!
by CrutchysGoil November 05, 2005
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