usually refers to sex. see sexual intercourse also.
i had hot intercourse with him last night!
by sexyyy July 09, 2005
radical invasion of the inner twat
to have intercourse, you stick ur dick inner twat.
by paulel May 20, 2006
the smarticle name for sex
Sex Ed Teacher: And always wear a condom when you have intercourse
Student: Oh, you mean when you have sex?
by macncheesenadia November 12, 2010
Intercourse means "communication". By itself doesnt mean anything sexual unless it was callled "sexual intercourse".
Only perverts think of intercourse in a sexual way.
by velvet glove August 19, 2005
Many different scholastic subjects combined into one class.
Lauren - "How many classes are you taking next year?"

Jon - "I'm taking one class but it's an intercourse of Math and Science"
by Jon the Mutilator July 12, 2011
A game where 2 or more friends get together and create a sentence. Going clockwise, every person in the group can add a word. This game is great for bored friends and can get very sexual. Singling a member of the group is permitted.
"Start the intercourse!"
by tsbrownel December 31, 2009
A word Ralph Wiggum says on the popular cartoon, "The Simpsons."
"What's intercourse?"
by chickunman June 15, 2003

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