A micro-processor (and other hardware components) manufacturer that needs to taught the meaning of the word innovation. In this respect, rival AMD is no better, having produced absolutely nothing original since its creation. Competition is currently so cut-throat that both companies are shit-scared of each other, trying to cover their asses from the next big dud (HyperThreading anyone?).
Now that clock-speed mania has finally subsided, both companies are rushing to finalise production of affordable 1st-generation dual-core PCs. A sensible prediction would be that the Intel Smithfield core will be obscenely expensive but will most definitely outperform AMD's dual-core answer (and yes, I do realise that current stats show otherwise). To top off with the proverbial icing on the cake, both companies capitalise on enthusiast hype to market their bloody awful technology which has been sucking shit through a straw for the past 10 years (much longer for Intel). Neither of these two giants have the foresight to invest in something more feasible for the 21st century; more specifically, quantum processing.
The companies have tremendous fan-following (most of the fans being utterly fucked in the head) despite their childish one-upmanship which has been going on for seemingly an eternity.
Intel released the world's first 64-bit commercial micro-processor, naming it the Itanium. Guess what? It was the biggest piece of steaming crap since Apple's Macintosh OS.

AMD has rummaged through Intel's trashbin since the dawn of the company, and has proven to be exceedingly good at sorting through filth, copying everything Intel has created to date.

Both idiot-companies are still pushing the 25 year old binary processor architecture, by waging an electron-pushing war.
by TheEnlightened March 23, 2005
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A very expensive and inefficient air heater.
"Shniel Shniel!! Crank up ze Intel before I get ze frostbite on mein fingers!!"
by N3ODI November 29, 2004
1) A CPU manufactuer that is win/loose on most of their CPUs

2) Short version of Intelligence, which many people lack in our world of reality TV and Oprah
1- Intel just screwed me over, i want my money back!

2- We just got Intel on the WMDs, hope its correct.
by SecCom October 09, 2004
Short for "Intelligence".
We will use our intel to seek out and destroy.
by spam000 February 15, 2006
Technology company manufacturing computer processors and long, techincal-sounding names for the processors.
"Selected Dell PCs use Intel Core Duo 2 Centrino Mobile Extreme Edition processors. #Dum da duh da dum."
by Paul June 17, 2006
1. computer parts manufacturer

2. intellegence, or information. 411
my intel comp sux!

intel reports the hamburger will make you sick!
A CPU and motherboard manufacturer focussed mainly on tech rather than high clock speeds. While their processors are stronger than AMD processors, they are also quite a bit more pricey. If money's not a problem, then Intel is the way to go. I also recommend getting an aftermarket cooler as their stock fans aren't very good.
Man 1: I just got an Intel i7 920!!! I'm gonna tear through all my games and work!

Man 2: You realized you just spent about $300 on a quad-core when you could've gotten an AMD Quad-core CPU for like $100-$180?

Man 1: .....
by mistahskinnymahn July 22, 2010
*A corporation that developed computer processors bearing its name, known for being very powerful, yet overpriced.

*Short for "intelligence", often government-related intelligence-gathering, often from the CIA, NSA, FBI.
"My most favorite Intel commercials are : the very first one, and the one with the Simpsons."

"Intel shows that the building is jam-packed with heavily-armed terrorists."
by Dave September 10, 2004
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