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The top percentage of intelligence in America. Unfortunately, their are enough conservatives to simply overwhelm Liberals, especially in the uneducated and regilious zealot redneck states.
New York voted for John Kerry even when it was attacked by terrorists. Conservatives response to the terrorist attacks were to invade one country that had very little to do with 9/11 attacks and another that had absolutely nothing to do with it. What retards.
by booser July 20, 2005
The idea that government shall favor no religion for another or make no law that is bias toward one religion and not another.

What it does not say is that elected officials can not be religious. It says they should make no law that favors religion or display favoritism in a public government institution.

Putting a cross in the back of your office is fine, displaying a statue of the ten commandments in front of a court house is not.
What? Can't buy beer on Sundays in some states, that violates separation of Church and State.

What? "In God We Trust" on coinage, the government is favoring Christianity over other religions. I feel this violates separation of church and state. I shouldn't have to be preached inside of a court house or inside of a school. If I want to hear preaching, I could go to church or temple or a mosque or whatever else their is.
by booser March 19, 2005
1. A large company in-line with microsoft for world domination and used to produce massively over priced computer chips until AMD came along and helped break their monopoly.

2. Slang for intelligence
Why buy an Intel based computer when I can buy an AMD at half the price.

The CIA thought they had good intel on the "terrorists" until they realized they were spying on other members of the CIA in disguise. After realizing this, they blew up a Mosque, arrested a few Iraqi bystanders, called them terrorists, and demanded more funding from the US budget.
by Booser February 08, 2005
1) Slang for Friend.
2) A person who drinks regularly.
Hey booser. What's up?
Not much, just hanging out.

He drank 10 Tequillas in one night, he is such a booser.
by Booser March 28, 2005
A very ba last name, and your related to vnnilla ice
Alison Vanwinkle likes balls and has herpes.
by booser April 08, 2005
Short for British, a person from the United Kingdom who can't spell honor correctly, probably hasn't taken a bath in the last month (yet still smells better than a frenchie), haven't ever had a true democracy or the freedom to bear arms, and calls soccer football. They also think that the term actually means all Americans and is actually offensive.
Brit: Cheerio to all you yanks
Group of Americans: The ... Smell ... can't ... breathe ............. Good ..... Bye .... Cruel ... World.
by booser March 22, 2005

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