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When you drop a deuce, leave the bathroom and immediately turn right back in to drop another
I should cut down on fiber, i just had an instant replay
by MCBurg March 03, 2005
Where, immediately after an amusing comment is made, the person to whom the comment was addressed turns around and repeats the comment exaggeratedly and/or mockingly to his/her friend(s).
Person I: You bastard! So you were the one who did that to me. (shakes head and walks away)
Person II (to Person III): Did you hear that? He was just like, "YOU BASTARD!" Hahahaha!
Person III: Why must you incessantly instant replay everything anyone says to you?
Person II: Ha, you were just like, "Incessantly..."
by Scai February 10, 2011
When someone says something extremely retarded or stupid, so much so that calling them slow just won't suffice.
Damn did you just here what the fuck Jill just said, that bitch is a instant replay...
by Word$Worth August 10, 2010

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