What happens to you when you play Zelda games too much.
My brother is going insane, get him to a mental house or something.
by Cortana Dragoon July 02, 2005
The state of suffering a severe psychiatric disease which causes extremely abnormal behaviour or loss of touch with reality (psychosis), most commonly associated with schizophrenia and bipolar illness (the manic phase).
King George suffered from bouts of insanity.
by Doc_B April 13, 2015
When you KNOW you're in control, but you lose it JUST FOR KICKS
"Kid, you hear about ol' dude gettin' caught runnin naked in the street? Man, he on a whole 'nother level of insanity"
by sparkofintellig3nce February 04, 2010
Coming to the realization that it really is all in your head, and that you are the master of your own universe.
What is more real than human perception and cognition? Free, honest pure souls are those we say "suffer" from "insanity"
by synaptic cosmonaut April 24, 2009
insanity.... when you start to talk to your dog, yet not even the dog is listening
you: (walks in, shuts the door) Hey, boy, hows it going? today was the worst day of my life... blah blah blah... well atleast i have someone i can count on and talk to.

dog: (during the whole "conversation") looks the other way after hearing the door open and starts to stare out the window and bark at the bird outside. (ocasionally looking back to see if you are still standing there)
by strawberryblonde September 13, 2004
see Javascript

This is insanity.
Javascript made me insane.
by Liam May 17, 2004
Genius misunderstood by a lesser mind.
"How come all them geniuses acting so out of the ordinary?"
"It's something not understood by a lesser mind to understand insanity"
by Anktos April 24, 2015

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