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Means: Über-Awesome.

Origin: Derived from the 1982
Kult movie 'Tron'.
"Man, thats absolutely tronic!"
by Commie Grunt August 13, 2008
26 3
the sum of something trill and chronic
that video is so trill, no its chronic, no its TRONIC!!!!!!!!
by Bmac, Big_e, Baby Moses, derek September 22, 2008
3 9
White male with afro-style hair.
That guy is so into hendrix he got the tronic head.
by Rob Allen November 15, 2006
5 14
The invisible penis found mostly on the bump of male Barbie Dolls near the groin.
"His tronic is hitting me, but I can't see it!"
by Andrew March 14, 2005
4 20
An excellent SOCOM player. He pwnz.
Tronic can easily pwn guy in a SOCOM match.
by Mike Prestanski May 02, 2003
3 26
a gay term for a shitty socom player
Tronic was rapped
by guy April 25, 2003
3 27
a g00d guy likes goats
i Tronic will love ur goat
by guy2 May 03, 2003
2 29