Finding a partner that you have mind blowing sex with, and it is so good and gets better every time that it you think it can't be real, the only explanation is insanity.

To the point of your limbs getting tired from all the sex, but the mind wants more, therefore, insanity.

Finding the person you feel perfect with no matter how crazy it is will all components all day and everyday long: mind, body, soul, sexually, mentally, physically.....

Unleashing the freak you have inside that you didn't know you had that you get out of your mind insanity with each other.

Where you shake your head all the time thinking it can't be real.....Tourettes.
It was pure insanity that she could want him over and over again and never tire from him. The more she got from him, the more she wanted.

Pure insanity can happen with the right person, the right click, and the right chemistry.
by jessikka_rabbitt December 07, 2009
when someone uses many phrases that mean the same thing in one sentence but sometimes puts an odd word in there
a.k.a, also known as, also see, bannana, means the same as, expresion meaning the same as insane
The property of "to be insane" to be explained is the simple expresion: Pheta times the resiprical of the voices in your head.
My cat's name is "Insanity".
by Alex February 13, 2003
abbr. Mask of Insanity. Currently the best band in the world. Has received several awards for being simply the best at everything, including breakdowns, pinches, harmonies etc.
insanity derives from the incredible and god like sound produced from our perfectly designed musical fingers and voices.
by Scott Guilbert June 24, 2006
to be insane.
working for tech support
fucking dumb men
paying attention to the last six years of public schooling
paying attention to Laura Montgomery
doing stupid random insults that no one else will get
by deathtobees January 06, 2004
The best socom player, but now a retired 13 year old cool kid.
insanity owns tronic all the time
by Zach May 02, 2003
A contagious disease that is spread by stupid people.
Im not Crazy. I have an insane reaction to stupid people. Its INSANITY.
by Imjustravin April 21, 2015

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