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An artisticly perfect pussy in which the labia majoris conceals the tissues of the labia minoris and the clitoris, holding it all in beneath the slit.
"My girlfriend, has a nice tight innie, its so beautiful!"
by Robertino October 15, 2005
a belly button that sinks into the opposed to one that pokes out like a knot.
by Mary March 10, 2003
a navel that recedes and does not protrude
An innie seems to be more common that outie.
by Light Joker November 04, 2006
a penis so small that it acually retracts into the body
Donald has an innie
by Cullen Johnson March 10, 2003
an outie that is swallowed by fat
"That guy is so fat, his innie is barely even visible."
by dafreshprinz August 06, 2008
introvert or reflective person (variously used online); antonym = outie
he is such an innie he'd probably rather read than go out tonight
by nunu October 27, 2004
a penis so small that when it is in flacid state, it can not be seen by the naked eye

(similar to the innie and outie of belly-buttons)
guy 1: I hate my small dick, man

guy 2: how small?

guy 1: 3 inches

guy 2: Thats nothing! When I get out of the pool, mine's an innie!
by Tom K. February 04, 2005
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