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Commonly used in Linux/UNIX platoroms to change the runlevel.
/sbin/init 6 (This would restart the system)
by Matt June 01, 2004
init: a common word used by chavs and the root: Ali G who often in his shows uses it to emphasise what he is talking about.
Chavs and Ali G will use this term in phrases such as: 'Init man!' , 'its well buzzin init!' , 'well bad init'
by JNDKS October 04, 2006
A fierce fighting creature, willing to stand up in any battle. The mighty Init can change into any size and make a lovable pet to humans. Also are very intelligent especially when it comes to flying air-crafts. The Init often fights their arch enemy the Diploids.
The Inits won a glamorous victory at Fort Mixed Berry during operation Thunderbird, pushing out the Diploids.
by Init Man January 09, 2012
A poncy way of misspelling "innit", the classic contraction of "isn't it"

"This i-n-i-t spelling is just attention-seeking bollocks, innit?"

by getme September 26, 2011
do you agree
nice car, init?!
by unkown sender April 14, 2004
Contraction; short for 'isn't it?'
A penny saved is worth two in the bush, in'it?
by Ford West January 21, 2011
a chavy way to say melodically "Isn't it?"
Cold out today, init?
Snowboarding in Canada is far better than in UK init?
by sidekick March 20, 2008