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Contraction; short for 'isn't it?'
A penny saved is worth two in the bush, in'it?
by Ford West January 21, 2011
cockney, (British) Slang, meaning is it not, or isn't it.
(also see Ain't it).
This is your Broom ini't?
You're taking the piss ini't
by dalemondale March 21, 2011
to be in trouble
to be 'in it' as to be 'in shit'
"i broke my mums teapot"

"you're in it now"
by Jules April 08, 2005
a word placed at the end of a sentance, which is probably an incomprehensible one anyway, to make the speaker sound (cool/intelligent/fuckable) - delete as appropriate
waa man i is gonna kick yoooooor ass init
by Walnut March 03, 2004
short for initialization.
and in the init phase, cell mitosis can be a difficult process
by shidobu September 17, 2003
to ask for agreement.

which is closely followed by "is it"

Sarah: In it i went to the party

Jame: Yeah

Sally: Is it
by Little Libby March 31, 2008
A word that Spencer will look up on www.UrbanDictionary.com. Short for isn't it. Spencer is gay.
Spencer is gay, init?
by Kevin Sawyer September 12, 2006