Impossible to burn; not flammable.
If something says that it's inflammable, that means it's safe to keep around sparks and fire.
by Parallax June 18, 2003
When something is guaranteed to be inflammable, it almost invariably catches fire
"This is an inflammable computer" said the sales clerk. a week later it overheated and burned the house down.
by Carpman June 25, 2003
things you can light on fire for fun when your high.
the cats tail is very inflammable
by Stevie November 26, 2003
Capable of drawing in flame
The gasoline vapors from the ruptured tank were inflammable.
by Gary June 20, 2003
Something that won't burn
The suits firemen wear are inflammable to protect them
by Fiestysmee June 22, 2003
Something incapable of being set on fire.

Something incapable of being angered easily.
He broke up with her but she's so inflammable.
by Vicious Riot June 24, 2003
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