Infinity is what primary school kids and barely numerate people consider to be the biggest number; but in fact has no finite numerical value.
Guy1:"Wait, so you mean 'infinity' isn't finite?"
Guy2:"Yeah, it's pretty much in-finite."
Guy1:"So... infinity is the biggest number?"
Guy2:"You're really fuckin' stupid."
*Guy2 pulls out a revolver and puts a round between Guy1's eyes.*
by TheresnofreenamesonUD March 07, 2008
is what we do not know.
Infinity goes on forever although we are evermore discovering further into the infinite universe as we progress forward. No matter how far our intelligent species discovers into the universe, the concept of infinity will always be what we don't know.
by Sonder8 September 09, 2014
The point at which three women talking run out of things to say
Daddy, what's infinity?

Son, its the point when Mummy, aunty Angela and Aunty Mary run out of things to talk about.

Little John: "slow nod" I understand now.............
by The Xmas Grinch December 22, 2014
The amount of time it takes to get a definition on Urban Dictionary.
Dude #1: Hey bro wassup?
Dude #2: I just submitted a definition on urban dictionary!
Dude #1: I really hope you live long enough to see it get published.

Nerd: The time it takes to get a definition on Urban Dictionary equals the square root of the hypotenuse multiplied by the force required to...

Other Guy: you mean infinity.
Nerd: basically
by foshizzlemynizzle77 June 15, 2012
You cannot define infinity as you would therefore exclude something in your definition. Infinity includes everything, but also nothing.
John was sitting at his computer, defining infinity as something that cannot be defined. Afterwards he found out he had no life.
by Zepto September 29, 2009
Breasts soo large that the closest guess at the cup size is infinity.
Person A: Woah, check out those infinity
by Otoha May 29, 2010
An amazing girl, Infinity is one of the most prettiest girl you'll ever meet. She's one in a million most boys prefer infinity because she's so chill not like other usual girls. If you ever find a Infinity keep her, she's like no other.

Guy:Have you seen Infinity yet!?
Guy2: Yea She's sexy af!!
Guy:Right I need to wife her.
Infinity is like no other girl.
by Like no other girl November 09, 2013

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