A word used to discribe something that will never end. It is also a lie
You and me for infinity
by jen&kirsty May 25, 2015
Breasts soo large that the closest guess at the cup size is infinity.
Person A: Woah, check out those infinity
by Otoha May 29, 2010
An amazing girl, Infinity is one of the most prettiest girl you'll ever meet. She's one in a million most boys prefer infinity because she's so chill not like other usual girls. If you ever find a Infinity keep her, she's like no other.

Guy:Have you seen Infinity yet!?
Guy2: Yea She's sexy af!!
Guy:Right I need to wife her.
Infinity is like no other girl.
by Like no other girl November 09, 2013
A number that only exists because it was once counted to by Chuck Norris. Scientists needed a word for this astounding event, so they called it infinity, knowing know man woman or child could ever repeat it. Then just to break the laws of the normal, Chuck did it again.
Guy one: Did you hear about that really big number?

Guy two: What you mean 27?

Guy one: No you tard, I meant infinity...
by upmost777 January 12, 2012
The number of Glasgow Celtic supporters who travelled to Seville in May 1993 to watch their team get beaten 3-2 by Porto in the UEFA cup final.
The initial estimate of the number of travelling supporters was 30,000 , however this has now risen to over 6,000,000.
At this rate it is estimated that by the year 2012 everyone in the world will have attended this match.
John Paul says he was in Seville.
Bollocks he was, he was on the back shift with me.fucking infinity!!!!
by v13 October 28, 2006
Something that is limitless and is vast. Most people refer to the universe as being infinite. Related to the word, "infinite". Buzz Lightyear uses this word in his catchphrase in the Disney movie "Toy Story". He is obviously referring to the universe in his statement.
Buzz Lightyear is often quoted from the famous Disney movie "Toy Story", saying "To infinity and beyond!"
by infinitech March 20, 2005
During sex. The amount of time that passes between when I come and you leave!
Man, that chick from the food stamp office came over last night, but it seemed like an infinity passed before she left. I had to eventually tell her to kick rocks!
by ImpossiblePauly February 14, 2009

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